Monday, August 29, 2011

just stay down

just stay down, originally uploaded by PMac Imagery.

Last weekend I, and a bunch of other photog mates, took off for Gresford in the north of the Hunter Valley in NSW for a local rodeo. Rodeos are, I've discovered, brilliant photo opportunities.

But despite all the spectacle, this is my favorite shot. I love this photo because this shot catches the pain, the hurt, the damage rodeo can cause. However, lets be clear about this, I dont see this as a reason to stop rodeo.

This shot shows that these guys and girls have real courage. They know they could (or even will) get hurt but they go on and mount those bulls and broncos. They get thrown, they get trapped and dragged, they get stomped on and charged and driven into walls. But just when the sane thing would be to stay down they dont, they get up.

I'm a city boy not a country lad. I dont know these guys and girls and if I did there's no guaranteeing I'd like them but I wont deny I respect them.

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