Monday, February 27, 2012

My Photo Catagories

I remember reading a blog post once about the way we photographers collect, collate and display our photos.  The point was that we tend to be pretty boring, catagorising our shots by time, or place or camera or gig.  All useful, all really sensible, all really, really boring.

Now that does make sense for working pros that need to find their images quickly and easily.  For pros that have clients to service etc. But that's not me.  I'm like Rob, the lead from the movie High Fidelity organising his private record collection.  How did he do it? Alphabetically? No.  Chronologically? No.  Then how? Autographically.

So I've come up with a set of catagories for my work.  Its not really that obscure, not that insightful, not that rigorously applied and perhaps not that effective but its mine.

So here are my catagories: (in no particular order)

time of our lives.

searching for the filthy lucre

us, people that is

all things bright and beautiful

built or made

going places

planes, trains and automobiles


promises of happiness

harsh realities

Next post I'll start running through each of these and what they mean.