Saturday, October 17, 2009

See I did go away

PMac Imagery flickr-03157, originally uploaded by PMac Imagery.

A quick post to just tap the wheel and keep the blog running.

Here is a scene that just captured me and made me push and push to get it. Obviously you can tell but to take this I had to walk out into a snow drift up to my kees in a pair of jeans and sneakers. I was cold and wet and so excited I would have stayed there hours if I had to.

I'm really happy with how this turned out.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I wasnt being slack - I had a reason to be away...

Just a quick note to anyone who might be wondering. I wasnt being (completely) slack and ignoring this blog. While I gave notice that I would likely be away for a week, that grew to three when unfortunately we had a death in the family.

But, thats done with now and time to move on - so I'm back and I promise to try and get back into stride bringing you even more interesting stuff in future.

Combining passions

PMac Imagery flickr-03562, originally uploaded by PMac Imagery.

Its great when you get a chance to combine you passions - in this case photography and cars (and amateur motor sport in particular).

This was taken at the 2009 Newcastle Mattara hillclimb event staged in a park virtually in the center of Newcastle on a road that winds up the coast right next to the beach. Its a wonderful location and a beautiful setting.