Friday, March 6, 2009

The Curse of IMHO!

The single greatest curse inflicted upon all internet discussion is described in four little letters, IMHO. This is a lazy argument ender intended to hide the fact the writer cant justify their position.

This being the net I cant impose my will on others but hope to lead by example. I hereby vow and promise to never utter this vile, dishonest, disgusting dodge of a phrase ever again. I will however taunt, goad and basically poke fun at all those who seek to hide behind this shield of cowardice.

Ok boys, over the top – who’s with me.

(more on this later)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

What I read .....(wrt to photography anyway)

I've been doing this photography thing for a just over 12 months and I'm finding that I just want to read more and more about it. But there's a problem. Most magazines are clearly just vehicles for selling stuff. Even in their articles on technique they inevitably seem to end up talking about what kinds of gear your need.

But I've found a couple of magazines that are different and provide examples of work that's challenging, different and interesting. So what do I read?

Well at the moment my faves are:

JPG Magazine



Actually there's a couple of Australian mags that arent terrible either, and I started reading Australian Photography, a sister publication Capture amd most recently Photo Review Australia. Time will tell if these stick