Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sand dunes and the power of black and white

PMac Imagery flickr-07169, originally uploaded by PMac Imagery.

The Sygna morning shoot yielded so many great photo opportunities I'm still wading through, processing and posting them.

Maybe I'm just bandwagon jumping seeing as my last b&w dunes shots got explored but I really do think they work. Why? I think its because there is so little detail and such a limited array of colours that the core of the images becomes just the play of light and shade, something B&W handles really nicely.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Working the scene

PMac Imagery flickr-06965, originally uploaded by PMac Imagery.

Returning to a familiar theme here on the importance of working the scene.

When you spend several hours with the same subject through a sun rise you get lots of opportunities to experiment. Add to that a few more hours of processing and you can really go to town. Here's a whole bunch of photos of the same subject (The Sygna) from basically the same spot but with a lot of variation in exposure and processing.

One way of expanding your boundaries as a photographer is to stop chasing new scenes but instead concentrate on new ways of capturing and presenting the one scene before you.