Saturday, July 18, 2009

My first meetup - in Newcastle

This photography hobby of ours can be pretty solitary at times except for the uncertain and tenuous relationships we might be able to sustain over the net. Well you know what, there is a real world too, with real people, where you can really meet.

When I was living in Seattle I was part of a wonderful, real, flickr community and made some actual friends. As much as Ive loved Newcastle since moving here I've really missed that photo community.

Well today I rediscovered it. I had my first flickr NHVP (Newcastle Hunter Valley Photographers) meetup today and it was great. I will definitely be doing more of that in future. The meetup today was part of the whole Scott Kelby photo walk, obviously covering Newcastle NSW and while I dont think I was "on" today from a photographic point of view I still had a ball.

So if any one reads this blog and wants one piece of advice. Get out there and meet real people, Get away from the computer, head down the pub, go for a walk, take some photos, actually talk and "meet up".

Hey did people notice, I'm getting smarter (slowly) see I've even started putting links in.

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Mark said...

I totally agree, with your thoughts. I had a great day and part of it was taking photos, but a larger part was being part of a community. I will definitely be doing more NHVP meets.